Unicorn nails!

Lottie london unicorn pee max factor fantasy fire kryolan glimmer pearl green cellophane iridescent nail polish

For these nails, I used one coat of Lottie London ‘Unicorn’, and then as that was almost dry – I sprinkled over the nail some Kryolan ‘polyester glimmer’ glitter in pearl green (which is a translucent iridescent green)- and then sealed with topcoat;
On the ring finger – instead of the glitter, I cut some skinny stripes of iridescent cellophane & positioned side by side on the nail – sealed it with topcoat & then topped with a thin layer of  my sparkly holo ‘franken’ topcoat (which in hindsight – I wish I hadn’t used it & just used a clear topcoat instead, as they seemed to cancel each other out).

The middle finger started off as Lottie london ‘Cheeky’ (light green) – but then I decided to put two coats of Max Factor ‘Fantasy Fire’ (the original discontinued version)  over the top.   Fantasy fire is amazing! Its meant to be the closest dupe for the cult favourite clarins 230, which is lovingly known as ‘unicorn pee’ in the nail world.
Anyway, Fantasy fire is a sheer purple filled with red glittery  magicalness that shifts to gold & green.

The franken topcoat I made – I cant remember exactly what went into it  – But I think it was some NYC topcoat, mixed with MAC ‘reflects transparent pearl’  & ‘reflects transparent teal’  glitters, some born pretty silver holo polish – and some of the purple holo…  and I think some sugarpill lumi pigment and maybe some kryolan glitter/pigments!  The swatched nail stuck on the bottle in the above pic is 2 coats over black.

– and you can see swatches of the two lottie polishes HERE

Anyway – onto the final look…
The underwater shot showing the magicness of Fantasy fire:

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F.U.N. Lacquer -Edgy (H) & Diamond topcoat

Fabulously Unique Nail Lacquer  is an indie brand based in Singapore,  I’ve been lusting over a handful of their polishes for a while now, thanks to such nail porno’s like this.

At the very start of January whilst they had a sale on, I caved & decided on two polishes – but then  due to  a mix up (my fault),  it took forever to get them, but once they were resent & on their way to the correct address,  it only took about 4-5 days! so I received them at the beginning of March.

F.U.N. Lacquer -Edgy (H) Diamond topcoat fun review swatch

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Lottie London – Colour o’clock nail polish set review & swatches

lottie london nail polish review colour o clock set

Lottie London is a new brand – I first noticed their display  stand at Superdrug just before christmas,  with the polishes priced at £6.

As I’d never heard of it – I did a little searching online – they only launched last year, seemed to only be available at Superdrug and Asos. I wasn’t able to find many reviews, the few I found were all for the standard colours, which I wasn’t too interested in.For a totally new brand that’s just starting out, I think the range is over priced – taking into consideration  many of the other established brands sold at Superdrug are actually cheaper.
– but I was still very tempted by a handful of very pretty glittery polishes .

I then saw that BHS had a lottie ‘colour o’clock’ set,  with 12 polishes, which was £50 reduced to £15 in their xmas sales, so I rushed off to my local store – and they were all gone, got a friend to check the Croydon branch – and they were sold out too….
But I finally managed to find the set on ebay

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